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Äga rum

Posted on December 11, 2011

Documentation from ÄGA RUM performance 29 Mai 2012

On the 29 Mai 2011 8 performers trained in a vocal technique called kulning occupied 8 locations in the center of Stockholm. Through their voices the occupied the air space of Stockholm city, relaying each other from location to location, in a dialogical structure. The link started in Kaknästornet, the TV tower from 1967 at the height of 155 m and ended at Stadshuset (the City Hall) from 1923 at a height of 105 m, passing by a number of church towers, historical buildings and natural sites. At each location a singer relaying through her voice the message picked up by the preceding voice, taking turns in listening and transmitting, going from east to west and then back again. The participating singers were Sara Bodén, Karin Ericsson Back, Maria Misgeld, Josefin Peters, Susanne Rosenberg, Stina Bengs, Gudrun Engberg and Nandi Vileika.


From the actual performance on Mai 29th 2011, the documentation is still being processed and edited. Here one little extract :

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Josefin from Sjöhistoriska is communicating with Karin at Kaknästornet

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