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Double volume

Posted on December 10, 2011

Vita Havet, Konstfack, Stockholm, April/Mai 2011



A site-specific intervention relating to Vita Havet, the main exhibition space at Konstfack; a place of display put at the center of the building, just next to the main entrance. Used by the different faculties of Konstfack to showcase their trade, be it Textile, Glas and Ceramics. Fine art or Metal Design, the space is often filled with objects and monters.

My installation made a contrast to this use and consisted in emptying the space, leaving it almost bare except for the two parabolic antennaes put opposite each other at each extremity of the room. The two parabolic antennaes related to each other spatially and sonically, as well as to the users of the space who could interact with them by talking into them and to each other.

The structure of the parabolic experiment is borrowed from scientific practice. Put in this particular location and situation, it receives new meanings, and especially a new audience. Because of its two-folded structure, that you need to be 2 for the experiment, one could see people run through the space, the 30 m separating the two parabolic antennaes, in order to be able to engage with the installation. One could also see people sit in the space, along the white walls, not necessarily partaking in the interactive installation, but still framed by it. The double set of parabolic antennaes almost functionning like a set of ears, turned inwards, as if listening to the space.


A project that takes the same idea onto urban space and tries to adapt it to ideas of mobility and DIY

The making of an acoustic communication device that can connect two different bodies without leaving any digital traces or charging for the communication


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