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bang med månar

                  First in a series of Kitchen towels with feminist quotes from the Wages for House Work Campaign. Back in the 70s this movement formulated a critique of the notion of liberation … Continue reading

clair the ear
Clair the ear

Clair the Ear is a performance and exhibition which expands on a concern with the devaluation of domestic work and the value we ourselves attributes to the daily tasks of cleaning, cooking and caring. Throughout a series of vocal workshops … Continue reading

score from cazon festival
Notas domesticas

During the TRANS ACCIONES UTOPICAS residency at Cazon, Argentina, organized by Marie José Trucco and Elina Rodriguez of Centro Rural de Arte (CRA), my research into domestic work was carried out in a series of school kitchens in Cazon. A … Continue reading

No cicadas singing

  Lyd plus Litteratur festivalen Aarhus, Denmark Together with artist Lise Haurum, I performed at Lyd plus Literaturfestivalen with a piece about insects, focusing particularly on Cicadas, Bees, Moths and Flies. The performance illustrates the sound making mechanisms of the … Continue reading

bee keeper mask
Bee Keep

Mask for Bee Keeper’s Tale within the context of Stephen Dillemuth Worker’s Theatre at Konsthall C    

Scream runs
Scream runs

Performance Art Bergen Bergen, Norway   In a disaffected prison, a group of performance artist inhabiting the space during a week-end. In one of the old shower rooms I installed a shower curtain and had it back-lit from the inside, … Continue reading

My hair and I had a falling out
My hair and I had a fallin out

GIVE ME HELL Stand up comedy show at Spektrum, Berlin (DE)    My hair and I had a falling out We fall out regularly There is a difference of opinion that is pulling us in opposite directions My hair is … Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 18.55.17
Ten black notes / Tolv svarta toner

Composition relating to the swedish language’s around the color black, and its material and natural references, from coal to mars black (iron oxid pigment)passing by bone char, pitch, night and velvet black. Based on the principle of twelve-tone techniques a … Continue reading

Ektrae : Oak tree : Ekträd

Samarbete med konstnären och författaren Lise Haurum Christensen. Collaboration with the artist and writer Lise Haurum Christensen. Piece made from recording the sound of a 700 hundred year old oak in Ekeby, one of the suburbs of Stockholm, which we … Continue reading


The vacuum cleaner, a familiar household object, is the vehicle of the home in the project BE WARE. From an observation of the repurposing of the vacuum cleaner in the era of the Internet and within the frame of immaterial … Continue reading


  En tolkning i form av röksignaler av Sten Hansons tolkning av Agust Strindbergs Inferno. Performance i samarbete med Ingrid Furre. Uppförd på Geiger, Göteborg i september 2014. Länk till eventet:   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// An interpreation in the form of … Continue reading

ingrid kikar fram
The Sound of the Sun Setting into the Sea

For the festival nORD in the coast town of Saeby, in Danemark, I set up a framework for a performative piece based on Sound and voice in a disaffected part of a iron and steel factory by the harbor. Divided … Continue reading

Sound Set I
Sound Set I

A set of instruments -or bodies of sound- produced during my residency at the Banff Center in 2013 .


VÄDER LEK is a site-specific response to the so called JÄRVA DIALOGUE which was an initiative taken by the city of Stockholm and the main housing companies of the area of Järva to involve its inhabitants in the development of … Continue reading

Susanne Rosenberg från Bredablick mot Sjöhistoriska
Äga rum

Documentation from ÄGA RUM performance 29 Mai 2012 On the 29 Mai 2011 8 performers trained in a vocal technique called kulning occupied 8 locations in the center of Stockholm. Through their voices the occupied the air space of Stockholm … Continue reading

stina panorama3
Double volume

Vita Havet, Konstfack, Stockholm, April/Mai 2011     A site-specific intervention relating to Vita Havet, the main exhibition space at Konstfack; a place of display put at the center of the building, just next to the main entrance. Used by … Continue reading

private company
Private & Co.

When detaching ourselves from electronic and digital devices how will our bodies translate our needs of communication and circulation in physical space? Perhaps our “schizophrenic state” asks of us more than one single outlook?  Perhaps we dream of moving in … Continue reading

konstnärsnämnden 14
Thy Name is the Internationale

Sofia Church, Stockholm, April, 2010 Pentecost Site-specific installation, vinyl text. Collage of Our Father and The Internationale, two grand narratives put together through the cut up technique and installed on one of the granite pillars forming the center of the … Continue reading

Let’s say somethings

embedded by Embedded Videovimeo Direkt Let’s Let’s say somethings in collaboration with Cecilie Beck Kronborg Together we decided on a number of words, 57 in all, that we thought had a big spread, a large distribution; BIG WORDS! And we pronounced … Continue reading

maria med skylt
C’ mon

C’ mon is an invitation to an everyday (casual) interpretation of the writings on the wall! - in this particular case, the murals of Siri Derkert at the subway station Östermalmstorg in Stockholm. On the walls in the subway station Östermalmstorg, … Continue reading

can you hear me
Tu m’entends?

  A communication in public space where one person is distancing herself from the camera, who is in a fixed position. The person distancing herself, is checking, through a repeating question, Tu m’entends? whether the person behing the camera is … Continue reading

Asphalt – what a drag!

An animation run by its own device – an old cablewheel turned into a waterwheel and then put in the Kelvin River, in Glasgow, Scotland. The animation consists of the gestures of a policeman signalling the traffic to go ahead. … Continue reading

im serious
I’m serious

Tungvikt A performance where several persons were engaged in building a floating supposedly free-standing bookshelf. The idea was to fix a wire from one end of the room to the other, and have it in the middle of the room … Continue reading