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Clair the ear

Posted on December 18, 2016

Clair the Ear is a performance and exhibition which expands on a concern with the devaluation of domestic work and the value we ourselves attributes to the daily tasks of cleaning, cooking and caring.

Throughout a series of vocal workshops our individual relationship to domestic work has been explored in trying to understand how we categorise domestic work and how much time we spend on this type of labour. Vocal and aural performance is used to highlight the signifcance of these overlooked activities and objects. After sharing together our private domestic work routines we came together to produce a score based on this work; a choral transcription that allows us to carry out domestic work collectively within the walls of Konsthall C’s kitchen. As air enters each of the performers mouths, it is ritually cleansed in each of their lungs and released back into the kitchen at Konsthall C. Clair the Ear is a special cleaning company offering a spiritual cleanse that reconfigures your home space.





LINK to sound documentation from performance :

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PDF  Project and Exhibition catalogue at Konsthall C















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