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C’ mon

Posted on December 7, 2011

C’ mon is an invitation to an everyday (casual) interpretation of the writings on the wall! - in this particular case, the murals of Siri Derkert at the subway station Östermalmstorg in Stockholm.

On the walls in the subway station Östermalmstorg, Siri Derkert has engraved the musical score of the marches La Marseillaise and the Internationale. She has mixed these notes with drawings of dancing bodies, singing bodies, family and friends and has also named several of these persons to whom the wallpainting is a hommage, notably the members of the Fogelstagruppen, a female collective from the 40s, Ada Nilsson, Honorine Hermelin och Elin Wägner m fl.


This manifestation of the “content” of the wall, requires knowledge as to reading musical scores. Music may be universal…  but scores are culturally coded. The notes being visual on the wall, they ask of the audience a certain kind of culture. I find this interesting out of an educational and democratic point of view, especially when considering  Siri Derkerts radical political and social engagement.

The couple dance/music is a double-edged sword that contains both ‘the promise of a ‘liberation” and the threat of ”drill”. The performance was an interesting way to embody and experience these different layers of understanding and rythm/pace of common time, C eller 4/4.




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