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Curriculum Vitae – CV

Nathalie Wuerth



Living in Stockholm
Swedish cell +46 702732729 | e-mail:


2018 Closed for Maintenance at Primary, Nottingham, UK
2018 Radical dreaming with Drömsystrar, KC Väst, GBG, SWE
2017 Ear channel & plucked, Ortstermin 17, Berlin, GER
2017 This world will fall with Drömsystrar, Bryggeriet, Nora, SWE
2016 Clair the Ear at Konsthall C, Stockholm, SWE
2011 Double Volume, Vita Havet, Konstfack, Stockholm, SWE
2010 Thy Name is the International, Techniques of Persuasion, Konsthall C, Stockholm SWE
2010 Thy Name is the International, Pentecoste, Sofia Kyrka, Stockholm SWE
2010 I’m serious, ShowKonstfack, Stockholm, SWE
2009 Let’s say somethings, Ma1, Galleri Konstfack, Stockholm, SWE


2018 Begreppsobjekt with Liv Strand and Marcus Doverud, at Philip Berlin and Rough Potentials Late NIght, Dansens Hus, Stockholm, SWE
2018 Medusa, in Give me Hell (part II), Index Foundation, Stockholm, SWE
2018 Clair the Ear with the choir Clair the Ear at Bomassa, Hökarängen, SWE
2018 Medusa in Give me Hell (part II), Acud Macht Neu, Berlin, GER
2017 Mmm… part of Spring Clean, Marabouparken, Stockholm, SWE
2016 RUT blues part of Drömsafari 2.0, Hinsnoret, Dalarna, SWE
2016 My hair is blanking me in Give me Hell (part I), Spectrum, Berlin, GER
2016 AspIre part of Rows Unitys at Norrtälje Konsthall, Norrtälje, SWE
2015 Fly/Life (with Lise Haurum) at Lydpluslitteratur Festival, AArhus, DK
2015 Scream runs at Performance Art Bergen, Bergen, NOR
2014 Inferno (with Ingrid Furre) part of Sten för fan, Geiger, GBG, SWE
2013 The Sound of the Sun Setting into the Sea, Art and Literature festival nORD, Saeby, DK
2012 A Performance Art Guide to Ordinary Life, Fylkingen, Stockholm, SWE
2012 Sirens on the beat, Ve.Sch, Wien, AUT
2011 Private Company, Sugar Cube Gallery, Stokholm, SWE
2011 Äga Rum, Konstfack, Stockholm, SWE
2011 C’mon – International Womens Day. Östermalms subwaystation, Stockholm, SWE
2010 C’mon part of Mind the Gap, Östermalms subwaystation, Stockholm, SWE
2009 Take a minute, Ars Häme, Rihimäkii, FIN

Other Works

2017 Gästboken. Workshop with college students at St Eriks gymnasium, SWE
2017 Day-to-day. Poster in magazine Bang nr 2
2016 Clair the Ear. Workshop at Konsthall C,
2016 Notas domesticas. Workshop at CRA, Cazon, ARG
2015 Egeträet (with Lise Haurum).Public art commission Ord i Tiden, DK
2014 Be ware. KU- project for artistic development, Konstfack, Stockholm, SWE
2013 I am weightless. Radio Vega/YLE, FIN

Art Education

2013 Pedagogy and didactic training for artists, Konstfack, SWE
2013 Art Consultant Public Works course, KC Väst, SWE
2010 EMS – Electonic Music Studio (Composition Intro, Level 1 +2), SWE
2011 Art in the Public Realm, Konstfack, SWE
2009 Sculpture and the Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland


2018 Primary, Nottingham, UK
2017 ZKU, Berlin, Germany
2017 Post-Super-Future-Asia Writing Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 Drömsafari, Hinsnoret, SWE
2016 Transacciones Utopicas, Cazon, ARG
2016 Drömsafari 2.0, Hinsnoret, SWE
2015 Drömsafari I, Hinsnoret, SWE
2015 AIR Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2014 Rotationsatelier, Zurich, Switzerland
2013 Banff Center of the Arts, Banff, CA
2012 Akvarellmuseet Tjörn SWE
2011 Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria
2008 SHAC Flats, Belfast, Northern Ireland