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Curriculum Vitae – CV

Nathalie Wuerth is an artist, who lives and works in Stockholm. Educated at the Glasgow 
School of Art, Scotland and Konstfack, Sweden. Nathalie works with a focus on language, 
communication and the voice. The voice is used as an instrument to test the borders of the 
body, its extentions in space, the home, the city and the virtual, and its embodiements of 
social norms and conventions.

The voice’s tactile qualities, its propension to establish contact and its physical 
properties similar to that of touch are high-lighted to the detriment of the meaning
making function of language. Through the practice of performance, Nathalie creates 
the material and social conditions to occupy other positions than that of the human 
subject, stepping out of the language based forms of communication, to try out the 
sounds of a vacuum cleaner or that of insects. In the performance, questions of 
human agency and the relations between subjectivity and objecthood is explored. 

Collaboration with others, artists and non artists, is a privileged mode of production in her 
practice. The collective voice has occurred as a tool to map space together with professional 
singers and to approach synaesthetic learning processes with amateur singers and colleagues. 

The work is informed by feminist and post-marxist thinking and relates generally to 
questions about conditions of production within both industrial and post-industrial 
societies and the influence of technology on human communication and interaction. 


(a selection)

2015       FLY LIFE FLY LIFE FLY LIFE, Lydpluslitteratur Festival, Århus/Köpenhamn, Oct/Nov, Denmark

2015       Scream runs, Performance Art Bergen, Sept, Norway

2015       Egeträet; Oak tree; Ekträdet, sound work commission, Jun- Nov, Denmark 

2015       Be ware, KU-presentation, Konstfack, May, Stockholm

2014       Inferno, Sten Hanson festivalen, Geiger, Sept, Göteborg

2014       Tolv toner i svart, Fylkingen, May, Stockholm

2013       Sound Set (the Sound of the Sun Setting into the Sea), Art and Literature festival nORD, in Saeby, July, Denmark

2013       The Solar Anus. Collaboration with Parastoo and J A Ouillette at the Banff Center, Canada

2013       I am weightless, reading/performance broadcast on Radio Vega/YLE

2012       Väderlekar, Performing the Common, Husby Konsthall, Sthm

2012       A Performance Art Guide to Ordinary Life, PALS- performance festival, Fylkingen, Sthm

2012       Sirens on the beat,Ve.Sch, Wien, Austria

2011       Private Company, Sugar Cube Gallery, Sthm

2011       Äga Rum, City of Stockholm and Konstfack, Sthm

2011       Double Volume, Vita Havet, Konstfack, Sthm

2011       C’mon - International Womens Day, Östermalms subwaystation, Sthlm

2010       C’mon , Mind the Gap, Sthm

2010       Thy name is the International, Techniques of Persuasion, Konsthall C, Sthlm

2010       Thy name is the International, Pentecost, Sofia church, Sthm

2010       I’m serious, Soloshow, Showkonstfack, Sthm

2009       Let’s say somethings, Ma1, Galleri Konstfack, Sthm

2009       Take a minute, ARS HÄME, Rihimäkii, Finland


Work related experience pertaining to the arts

KU-grant at Konstfack, 
research project on the material and social conditions of the voice as object
Internship at Konstnärscentrum Öst 
Art Consultant and Art Administrator, commissioner of Public Art
Production assistant 
for the artist duo Szyber + Reich and the production of “Beggars Saturday” for Stoff (Stockholm Fringe Feast)
Production assistant 
for Mossutställningar for the project “Cooking Catastrophies” by artist Eva Meyer-Keller and Sybille Müller


2015 AIR Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2014 Rotationsatelier, Zurich, Switzerland
2013 Artist Residency at Banff Center of the Arts, Canada
2012 Residency at Akvarellmuseet, Tjörn, Sweden
2011 Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria
2008 Shac Flats, Belfast, Northern Ireland


Continuing education: Pedagogic and didactic training for artist, Konstfack

Continuing education: Art Consultant formation, Konstnärscentrum Väst

EMS, Introduction and Level 1+2 in Elektronic musical production, Sthm, Sverige

Konstfack , Art in the Public Realm, Masters program (2 years), Sthlm, Sverige

Glasgow School of Art, Sculpture and Environmental Art (3 years), Glasgow, Scotland

Uppsala University, BA in the Humanities with major in French and minor in Islamology

Other merits
2013/2014 Member of the Nominating Committee at Konstnärscentrum Öst
2013 Animator at Mutual Education course at ABF, called Rehersals: Synaesthetic Exercises
2012 Member of the art group c/o who organizes exhibitions, film screenings, talks at Hemliga Trädgården


2014   KU-grant
2013   Kulturkontakt Nord
2012   Iaspis International Cultural Exchange
2011   Konstfack, Art dep
2008   Kjerséns Minnesfond