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Posted on November 30, 2017

bang med månar










First in a series of Kitchen towels with feminist quotes from the Wages for House Work Campaign. Back in the 70s this movement formulated a critique of the notion of liberation through work and questioned that the career outside of the home would be more superior than the work necessary to run the home, such as care work and maintenance. Their position was very much inscribed within a workers tradition and they questioned the inherent potential of liberation through factory work, claiming that house work, with its mission to sustain and reproduce the work force, should be considered work too. They opposed the exclusion of the work force at home, at the time the House wives specifically, from the organized union and political struggle. They claimed inclusion in the workers struggle and pay/salary for their work.

Dissolving the House wife as an institution, does not make this discourse and theory around House Work obsolete or irrelevant. On the contrary, in a post-work society,where income is being more and more separated from work in its traditional sense, through activities such as Airbnb, Uber or data-mining, the question of survival and work are still important questions to be asked and discussed.

The Wages for House Work Campaign has formulated a strong critique of the wage relation and of the arbitrariness of value attribution in the official society. I pay homage to their reasoning and theorization around the home as a form of politicized enclosure,  in entering in dialogue with them through citational practice, in the form of quotes. The quotes and their referents/footnotes are meant as an invitation to read them.

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