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Let’s say somethings

Posted on December 9, 2011

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Let’s say somethings in collaboration with Cecilie Beck Kronborg

Together we decided on a number of words, 57 in all, that we thought had a big spread, a large distribution; BIG WORDS! And we pronounced them one after the other in one go, alternating between the two of us.  We used a blackboard as a backdrop and crushed the chalk into powder, which we put in our hands and then pronounced them in front of the blackboard. The violence of speech not only in its ”content” (significance), but in its physical form, its passage from thought to speech, the affect that is attached it and the specifics of the phonetic articulation;  it all come into play when creating physical diagrams of the speech act.

The language borrowed for the experiment is that of science. Science has constructed a language of its own, and has claimed to represent the ‘object world’, the “objectified” world, opposite the subject and its world.  The scientific language, diagrams, classification, etc as well as its instruments, were developed to make nature talk, to make sense of the “mute” world. This project is about applying a scientific method and language onto the subject world, to exteriorize thought and capture speech through a visual language as if using the perspective of a scientist putting human language under his/her instruments and logic.








Photography and Video, Lets Say somethings Installation view, KoMa1, Konstfack, dec 2009

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