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Private & Co.

Posted on December 9, 2011

When detaching ourselves from electronic and digital devices how will our bodies translate our needs of communication and circulation in physical space? Perhaps our “schizophrenic state” asks of us more than one single outlook?  Perhaps we dream of moving in space simultaneously, adding our singular points of views into a comon multiple view? Perhaps we want intimacy without being close? Perhaps we need the distance to be open?

Inspired by the discussion on capitalism and schizophrenia by Guettari and Deleuze, I have developed a device that integrates multiple viewing with mobility in space. In a way its about decentering the subject as a way to challenge the traces and tracks of surveillance and control in ordinary life. As a response,  I’ve started to plot on devices that would not leave any traces while permitting to communicate at a distance. The project aspires to challenge forms of regulation ( paying telephone services, border limitations) both on a societal level, with economic and political regulations on the use and access of public space as well as on a more psychological level, where the internalization of a digital and electronic environment is tested in physical space.

Private & Co. is a worktitle for a series of tests taking place in the city based on the idea of converting an umbrella into a parabolic antennae and thus substituting the usual textile with a textile able to reflect sound rather than absorb it. I used vinyl and soft polystyrene as materials.  The project is still under way since it has not yet proven successful. In order for the antennaes to be functonal, more research is needed into materials and construction solutions.


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