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Posted on September 24, 2012

VÄDER LEK is a site-specific response to the so called JÄRVA DIALOGUE which was an initiative taken by the city of Stockholm and the main housing companies of the area of Järva to involve its inhabitants in the development of the area. The dialogue has been criticized by several local groups and individuals, mainly for not dealing with the social issues of the place, but rather concentrating on pimping up the physical aspects of the housing. There have been several local acts of resistance to the plans of the authorities and in Jan 2012, Husby Träff, the community center was occupied.

As an outsider to the neighborhood, I found the reading of data obtained through the “participatory” polls difficult to decipher. It consists mainly of a series of maps of the neighborhood, where the participants have placed red, yellow and blue dots signifying respectively “places that you dislike”, “place where you live” and “places that you like”. I found myself reading this data, and thinking of what kind of aspirational thought they might contain, studying them as some kind of “maps of desire” and trying to trace (back to) their meaning.

2012, 3 min. still image HD video and animation
In Sweden, our current minister of Finance, Anders Borg, is known for making use regularly of weather metaphors to present the budget or other financial prognosis. This framing can be criticized for presenting finance and matters of economy as something on which we have no grip and which we can not influence or initiate. The economy as something uncontrollable similar to the weather. Instead of opposing a more willful and directional politics to this a priori fatalistic approach, I was curious to stay in line and work with the idea of the uncontrollable. In A revolt that never ends, Antonio Negri, suggests the incontrollable movement of the masses in the formation of a contest and uprising.  Social movements like natural phenomena, can amass and disrupt, subvert and interrupt. Incontrollable elements have subversive potential.

I have worked together with Melody Farshin. She is from the Husby and works as a stand up comedian.







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